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Welcome to Cultivate Mind Body 

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Cultivate Mind Body was brought to life through the belief and understanding that our health is

a much more intricate system than working out in a studio or gym every day. It is comprised

of your daily interactions, physical activity,  your nutrition practice, and your mindset. At

Cultivate Mind Body our goal is to provide the community, our students and patients with the

necessary tools for their individual growth within their health and wellness lifestyle, as well as

provide authentic wellness experience to individuals throughout New England; with our

locations + instructors available in Maine + Massachusetts. Be sure to take a moment to look

around and check out what we have to offer, and lets us know if you have any questions.


From yoga and meditation, to strength training and endurance programs, we are able to provide each individual with a variety of offerings to best support all body types and individual workout preferences . 

Food & Nutrition Coaching

One of our primary focusses is to educate our clients about their nutritional habits; and how they may improve upon those habits to better support their health, our local producers and farmers.

Custom Plans

Customizing + Cultivating your Nutrition and Fitness practice is one of the best ways you can improve your health, and make progress towards your longterm wellness goals.

About Us 

Cultivate Mind Body came to life in June 2015 after our team
spent years working in the community, restaurant,
health, fitness, and agricultural industries. Based in New England
with a passion for assisting individuals in cultivating their health
and wellness practices through a holistic approach; our team
found that the disconnection between the mind, body, and spirit
was a part of most individuals daily lives. It was from the desire to assist in the improvement of our community’s current health practices that the Cultivate Mind Body team and vision was born.

Like to Cultivate Nutritional Balance?

You’re Not Alone and We are Here to Help!

We encourage all of our clients to take part in a balanced lifestyle that allows them to enjoy the fruits of seasonal growth. One of our primary focus areas is in educating our clients about their nutritional habits, and how they may improve upon those habits by eating seasonally, locally, and regionally as often as possible. These practices not only support your Nutrition path by consuming garden ripened + grown produce which is more nutrient dense, but it also supports our local producers and farmers. No matter what stage you are in we are here to assist you in creating a Nutritional lifestyle you can maintain.

Our Approach

At Cultivate Mind Body our goal is to bring safe, effective,  holistic healing practices to the communities of New England with the hopes of assisting individuals in cultivating their own unique lifestyle that promotes longevity, balance, and connection with body + soul.

Our Process

The customized process starts with a free of charge initial consultation followed by an overall evaluation that is scheduled for a later date. From there we build out a program that is suitable to your schedule and sustainable for your life. We incorporate everything from fitness classes and energy healing to kitchen makeovers, yoga and meditation sessions.

Unique Framework

Based in New England – Our Team is made up of a group of Health + Wellness Professionals that all share the same desire to assist our communities in developing healthy lifestyle habits centered around nutrition, activity, and mindset that promote growth, sustainability, and community connection in order to improve overall health.

We’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For a Balanced Life

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